What is a Mobile App?

There is a growing popularity in small computing devices known as smart phones. A smart phone is a cellular phone that has functionality far beyond being able to make a phone call. Smart phones have evolved into a variety of portable devices of various sizes that are not necessarily attached to a cellular network. Any of these devices typically allow you to browse the web, check your email, watch video, listen to music, and more recently run software applications like you do on your home computer.
Apple Computer Inc. pioneered mobile applications by bringing the App Store into existence in 2008. The App Store allows users of Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad to download applications from a store found on the device itself making it amazingly easy to get new software instantly. Google followed suit with their Android Marketplace offering mobile applications compatible with devices running the Android Operating System. Simply put, a mobile app is a piece of software specifically designed to run on a mobile device. It takes into account the smaller screen size providing the end-user with a convenient interface.