5 reasons restaurants need to create a mobile app



1. Push notifications

What are push notifications? They’re small messages similar to text messages that are sent to everyone who has your iPhone application downloaded. These can be used to message out deal notifications and keep customers informed on your restaurant. Let them know about burger tuesday or thirsty thursday – the options are endless.

2. Full menu within 2 touches

How many times has someone called with questions about your food? With a mobile app – you can include your entire menu or drinks, food, specials, basically anything your restaurant has.

3. Word of mouth

When you create a mobile application – it creates a buzz of it’s own. Your competitor doesn’t have a mobile application and your customers with smartphones simply love their phones. Use mobile marketing to spark word of mouth.

4. Your customers are willing to put your business in their pocket

A lot of your customers have smartphones and they love downloading and using apps. If you have customers who are willing to walk around with your business in your pocket you should DEFINITELY take advantage of this oppotunity. In fact, you’d be crazy not to.

5. Now You can create a mobile app at an affordable price

A mobile application could be one of the most cost effective marketing tools available. For a very affordable package you can be putting your business in the pockets of your customers to take with them wherever they go. We recommend that you create a restaurant mobile app as soon as possible!