How your Company Can Use Social Media to Attract New Talented Employees

Learn how Social Media can help your business attract the most talented caliber out there!

In 2015, General Electric (GE) ran an interestingly amusing campaign featuring Owen, a newly hired programmer who tried to explain to his whole family and friends why they should be happy for him and excited for his new job. They were all baffled that a programmer would work at what they believed was just a manufacturing company, offering only condolences as he tried to outline the innovative nature of a more modern GE.

The spot was so clever. It simply enabled GE to spread the word about its position as a digital company, and merely a manufacturing one!

At the same time, it helped bolster the recruiting of young, tech-savvy developers into the fold.

With the exception of GE whose goal was clearly to let people know that the company does more than just manufacture. Your company might aim at achieving a similar goal with little or even no variation.

What separates the greats is their unique ability to leverage social media and reflect their personalities: their people, their values, their approach to business, and their interactions with their own online communities.

In today's digital world, who you work with is becoming more important than who you work for, and digital marketing is the best way to show prospective employees who you are as a company, from the bottom up.

By coordinating the work done by your Marketing Department or even your Digital Marketing Agency with HR, your company has the potential to create a solid sense of community that draws potential employees, clients, and market influencers closer than ever before.

Blurring the Lines between HR and Marketing

Before the "Owen" ads brought more attention to GE, recent trends among other companies were already blurring the lines between HR and digital marketing. For instance, leaders are recognizing that employees are the best influencers, and have started leveraging them on social media channels, where employees can share company posts with their networks.

Certain corporate campuses even have designated areas for Instagram moments, allowing people to take photos with specific corporate campus attributes in the backdrop. The trend has spread all the way to the top, with CEOs like Meg Whitman posting pictures of their workspaces to promote more transparency.

By aligning HR's and marketing's methods and goals, you place your company’s HR personnel in a more strategic position to achieve their recruiting goals. It also forces the creation of a single, consistent brand that accurately portrays your agency's values and community.

Using Social Media to Attract New Employees

Most consumers today wouldn't really make a large purchase without first researching the brand. 

The same thing applies to your potential job candidates.

They will likely search for your company on the internet, see its website, and its social media presence as well.

In fact, your company website is a top resource for highly creative candidates on the job hunt. Keep your company’s online representation consistent -- and therefore more attractive to interested parties -- with these five tips:

1-    Highlight your company’s culture on different social media platforms

Every single social media platform serves a specific purpose. For example, you can use Instagram to share photos of daily office life, and Facebook to showcase your agency's unique personality and content.

If your company or business doesn't have a strong social media presence in 2017, you not only limit your chances of getting discovered by potential job seekers, you also risk turning off candidates in the process of researching your agency.

Job seekers want to be able to get a good sense of what it feels like to be working for your business on a daily basis.

2-    Connect with influencers in your agency's niche

Digital marketing also allows your recruiting team to more directly interact with potential candidates, as well as the most influential individuals and other companies in your market. Like them on Facebook, interact with their tweets, and follow the trends that research shows are proving the most successful.

3-    Build employee advocacy.

In addition to using your company’s social media presence to showcase your teams' culture, it's important to build up employee advocacy. Social media isn't going away, and empowering employees to use it to the agency's advantage isn't difficult.

Encourage your employees to share their own insights about working for your agency on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other relevant social media platforms.

Their extended networks will see their posts and spread awareness of your company’s brand. By leveraging your employee's personal and professional networks, your business has the potential to reach people you wouldn't have otherwise been able to with your business presence alone.

Social Media and Digital Marketing is becoming a necessity for your business to attract new leads, top talent, and achieve its goals, so check your company’s current social media presence, and if it’s not quite good, we strongly advise you to be there. At the end of the day, Social Media is literally here to stay.

If you have any questions, post it in the comments section below and we would be happy to answer it for you.

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