7 Ways for Choosing your Digital Marketing Agency

Your guide to choosing a marketing agency that really works for you

How to choose the Digital Marketing Agency that really works for you!

A lot of digital agencies are present nowadays. Choosing the appropriate one to support your brand is definitely a difficult decision. Even though different brands aim for different objectives and goals, yet they all have a common objective; engaging their audience some way or another in order to help them grow and achieve intended conversions.

Sometimes brands make the mistake of asking agencies wrong questions at the wrong time, such as “How much will you charge?”

Therefore, conversations should begin with the brand’s goals and objectives, rather than the budget which should be asked at the end of the conversation. Brands should know that they will be investing their resources to the agency’s skillfulness and time to help them reach their target and consistently drive meaningful results from the beginning.

Ask questions        

Agencies usually get asked the very same questions over and over again from clients, and as an inevitable consequence, they become grand masters at pitching their ideas for different types of businesses.

Whether you decided on the perfect digital agency for you or not, some probing questions will need to be asked in order to learn about their skills, experience, and teamwork. Such questions need to be asked as a way of seeing a clear picture of how the relationship between you and the agency would be like, and the likelihood of them successfully delivering your goals.

Prepare a brief

You should consider the following before getting engaged with any agency:

1.    Your main objective, or the problem you want them to solve “Increase brand awareness” or “Increase sales”

2.    Success measurements (like for example: reached sales target or KPIs)

3.    An initial idea of what your campaign would be like campaign (it could be a new campaign to launch your new brand, or even your latest product/service)

If you are 100% sure about what you want your digital agency to implement, and how that will affect your business, then a price guideline is recommended to be able to know if that service is worth the pay or not.

Value is a very important aspect to focus on; not just cost. Therefore, you should be transparent and clear enough on what you are willing to pay for that particular campaign or project since that projects could be delivered with varying degrees of quality depending on expenditure.

Check Their Specialty

You should be willing to spend your money on a digital agency that specializes in servicing companies similar to yours. Not only focusing on Business-to-Business (B2B), or Business-to-Consumer (B2C) projects. You could ask them about their client’s lists, and the most successful ones they have worked with.

Track their success stories

All marketing agencies like to brag and share their success stories with other brands because it is basically…part of the business. However, that business ritual should never stop you from asking about their success stories.

It’s also crucially important to check their case and see what they did for their biggest clients and how they solved their problem(s).

Case studies not only shows you how an agency could help you leverage the power of Digital Marketing, but it also shows how it would put its best available resources to bolster you ROI.

Take a Good Look at Their Staff

More often than not, marketing agencies overpromise their clients with expertise and work, yet they hire somewhat unqualified people to manage their accounts, develop and implement marketing strategies for them. You will undoubtedly want experienced marketers to execute strategies for you to make sure you are getting the best service, and your money is worth the pay! That’s precisely why it’s highly recommended to ask the agency who will be responsible for the development and execution of your marketing strategies and/or marketing campaigns.

Utilities & Resources

Digital Marketing is crucial and sometimes it is really complex, too!

It takes more than just technical know-how & experienced marketer to make the cut. Most marketers use the latest tools and technology in order to save time and produce the very most efficient and effective work that has the biggest impact on your ROI.

When still deciding whether the digital agency is the right one for you or not, you should gather a well understanding of how the agency works backstage. Look out for agencies that are up to date and use the latest tools and technologies in their work.

Your Ultimate Feedback Tool: Periodic Reports 

Win like a man, lose like a man!

Always seek out agencies that are transparent enough to hold themselves accountable for both, success and failure.

A professional marketing agency should provide you with a weekly/monthly report depending on what you prefer. Don't let them shield themselves by providing you with only successful reports, and hiding unsuccessful ones from you during their engagement with your marketing project. Instead, smart marketers are willing to highlight areas they can improve as a way of reassuring you that they will do their best to help you grow your business.

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