1. Cross-platform Development          
  2. Graphic Design 
  3. Responsive Design                                                   
  4. Data Analysis





7Days Arabia Web-based Game

A Game Designed to Drive Engagement Up!

How we helped 7 Days Arabia deliver its brand identity through a multi-screen mobile game. When the company turned to us to create a game that keeps its fans challenged and excited… It was all about raising the bar!


7 Days Arabia asked us: How can we amplify customer engagement and drive purchase with an interactive platform?


The brand is all about being on the go with Saudi youth and that’s why it had to be a dynamic cross-platform game that anyone could access from their mobile phone, desktop, or even tablet.

Bringing 7Days ARABIA Fans into the Arena  

As the players open our bilingual game, and choose their language, they find themselves in 7 Days Arabia’s production house. All they have to do is to keep moving fast enough to collect 10 pieces scoring 50 points.

For every product players lose, they lose a life too, and all they’ve got is the span of 5 lives. As for level 2, it’s all about the market. Players actually collect a vast array of products in a market-like environment where the exact same rules of level 1 apply.

Behind the Curtain

Inspired by 7 Days Arabia products’ life cycle, we developed a strategy that focuses on reflecting the distribution process on the game itself to make it even more interesting.


So What’s the Catch?  

For the 1st week, the best player got a Huawei Mate S phone. After wrapping the 2nd week up, the winner received the prize of a Galaxy Note mobile. Lastly, the best player in the 3rd week got a Hover board.

Setting a New High Score!

 As players reach level 3, they actually play in a supermarket, and the sky is the limit. They collect an unlimited amount of 7 Days’ products  in order to win.  


Let’s Talk Numbers… 

After just 3 weeks of launching the game, we reached the total of 8,000 users across multiple platforms from different countries in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. Players have spent +150,000 hours playing our game over a 3-week period (an avg. of 50,000 hrs/week).



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