Cairokee E-commerce Store & Digital Marketing

Building Cairokee Online Store from Scratch

Cairokee defines their art by introducing new melodies and fresh ideas, so their online store had to be loud enough for everyone to tune in.  

Here’s how we helped Cairokee get an online store through which they can engage their fans and drive their sales skywards. 





  1. Social Media & Community Management      
  2. E-commerce Web Development  
  3. Content Strategy & Development  
  4. Digital Brand Strategy 
  5. Videography




For over 13 years, Cairokee has built a solid community of fans all across Egypt and the Arab world, so the real challenge was being  the 1st band to sell products to this audience.


Building Cairokee online Store from Scratch

To achieve its goal, their online store had to be easy to use, frequently updated with Cairokee’s various products, and above all aligned with the band’s identity. 



Vivid e-store for all
kinds of people! 

We took it from the top by designing a website that displays all what Cairokee has to offer for its fans.
From hoodies, to mobile covers, to mugs & T-Shirts, all showcased what the musical band is all about.



The website’s been designed to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. Anyone who visits the website have the capability to get in contact with the merchandise line’s customer support.


Community management:
branding with a Human Touch  

We wanted to stream the new merchandise line and make it loud enough for everyone in the Middle East & North Africa to hear about. We utilized Facebook & Instagram by creating a series to posts to engage Cairokee fans, asking them about their first Cairokee concert, their  favorite songs, and lyrics.






Aside from engaging fans, we aimed at informing everyone on social space how, when, and most importantly where, they can get anything available at the merchandise line.  


A Store about People: Turning Fans into  Influencers

By using eloquent content and appealing visuals, our purpose was to make the merchandise line not only available for all fans, but also make them promote the products themselves. The band’s music has always been about people’s most important issues, and that’s exactly why their store had to revolve around turning their fans and lovers  into influencers.



From Band to Brand

 By speaking and acting with one voice across all touch points and providing a platform for communication with fans, the online store was actually able to drive sales up, and also make a statement on Social Media by evoking shared values and personality.




The App Concept started by identifying the critical touch points of the fans’ digital interaction with Cairokee, using them to bolster the band’s genuine identity.  


Average Traffic






Using Social Media Campaigns to fuel the Game and to add extra traffic to the E-commerce  website, we utilized all what Social Media platforms had to offer.

In the FIRST WEEK of the second social media campaign, Cairokee Store achieved the same sales target that the previous campaign achieved.