Sporting Shuttle Bus Mobile App


A Mobile Platform to Act Digital

Being the oldest club in the city is not the only thing that makes Alexandria Sporting Club special. Putting  its members first, is what makes it stand out. When the club tried to solve their transportation  problem by launching a new transportation  service, it faced an uphill challenge. 






  1. Mobile Development        
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Videography





Sporting Club decided to solve the notorious Alexandrian busy traffic by introducing its brand new transportation service to and from the club. Sporting Club turned to The App Concept to digitally connect all club members who live in different parts of the city with the “Shuttle Bus” and make it their favorite ride to the club.

Providing an Alternative Route

The new transportation service is meant to help many of the club visitors overcome crucial problems like heavy traffic, save an enormous amount of time, and provide an alternative solution to driving their kids and family back and forth. The idea’s success rested on building an intuitive mobile platform. Our key target was making an app that anyone could use to know their nearest bus stop, how, and when they can hop in and enjoy their ride to the club.

3 Little Words, One Big Difference

We answered the challenge by building a platform that's capable of engaging the users in a new experience that would make their journey smooth and time-saving.

سبورتنج رايح جاي

After analyzing the data at hand, most club members would use the service to either go to the club, take the ride back home, or probably both. That’s why we named our platform “ سبورتنج رايح جاي ” summarizing the 3 solutions this app can offer.


Simple Interface, Clear Route

As soon as you open the platform, a simple user-friendly landing page will greet you. It offers you a tutorial  specifically designed to eloquently guide you through the app. The other practical option, gives you the power  to know your next station. The next window asks you whether you prefer to ride the bus for half a journey, or a full one going back and forth.


Your Roadmap Ahead of You 

No matter which option you choose, your roadmap is crystal clear in front of you. With a real-time updated map that not only shows your current location, but also the location of all the buses on the road and the pick-up spots surrounding you on the same map, you definitely have the  power of choice. 




Crafting a Platform for Safety

One of the things that made us really excited about working on that new platform is its social aspect in terms of relieving the burden of finding a parking spot off the club members’ shoulders, and providing a comfortable mean of transportation to all family members.



At The App Concept, we’re really proud of what we have achieved with Alexandria Sporting Club. Our new platform played a critical role in the club’s plan to provide safety and comfort to its members.