A brand’s success is not merely about selling products or services, it is about connecting to people… 

 Here’s a story about using Digital Media to redefine challenge, and beauty as we know it




Our Roles


  1. Creative & Content Development    
  2. App Development
  4. WEB Development  




As a global anchor in the beauty & personal care market, Dove has always positioned itself as a brand that genuinely cares about what real women are all about. Our main challenge was to promote Dove’s Intensive Repair by creating.

The 7 Days Challenge

An integrated online campaign aligned with the brand’s image… 

Empowering Women to Move Forward

As Dove upgraded the formula of its shampoos, it turned to The App Concept to help create an online campaign and market its brand new formula for Real Women.


Developing a Mobile App  for Real Women

We rose to the challenge by crafting a leading-edge  App that is easy to use, interactive, and available for  everybody just at the click of a button.


A 7-Day Challenge in Your Pocket

In order to get Real Women excited about Dove’s new Shampoo formula and the challenge to reconstruct women’s hair in just 7 days, our goal was to provide them with a constantly changing dose of inspiration on a daily basis.


Rewarding the Ones  Who Take It to the Top

To reward users who were able to successfully complete the challenges and activities they got in their list each day, we established a leader board. For each activity checked off the list, users gain a certain amount of points, climb their way up the board.





By the end of the contest, 10 lucky women

won a luxurious free day pass to the

Four Seasons Hotel Spa









A Website powered by humans

Dove is a brand that’s all about people. When we thought about building a website for the 7 Days Challenge campaign, it had to be powered by Dove’s wide fanbase with a voice that presented the benefits of Dove’s products in more human terms.



engaging STORIES of real beauty

Through “Dovemashreq.com,” we expanded the idea of just having a website that demonstrates & sells products into an intuitive experience… 

A splendid assortment of pictures told the story of daily challenges overcome by real women across the country, personal success experiences wrote by App users and automatically uploaded from the mobile App to the website’s blog, and products that communicated more than just personal care theories. 

Throughout the whole campaign, we kept a close
eye website’s analytics, because stats don’t lie… 




a brand that speaks to you

We used different touch-points to serve our Social Media Strategy by re-purposing content to tell the story consistently and effectively across different Social Platforms. 





PR Campaign: A package of happiness

To get the challenge in shape, Dove rapped its upgraded shampoo into a new package full of surprises. 
In order to spread the happiness, the package was distributed to Real Women across Egypt.