The Device That Changed Everything is now changing the classroom


iPad inspires creativity and hands-on learning with features you won’t find in any other educational tool — on a device that students really want to use. Powerful built-in apps and apps from the App Store like iTunes U let students engage with content in interactive ways, find information in an instant, and access an entire library wherever they go. And with iBooks textbooks, iPad takes learning to a whole new level.

Now there’s nothing textbook  about the textbook.


With engaging layouts, interactive images, 3D graphics, and more, a Multi-Touch textbook on iPad is one book students won’t want to put down.


A book they can call their own.

Budget constraints force schools to use the same books year after year, long after the content is out of date. But with textbooks on iPad, students can get a brand-new version each year — for a fraction of the price of a paper book. They can discover and download iBooks textbooks from the Textbook section of the iBookstore directly to iPad.

A new kind of textbook. For a new kind of student.


Students will now experience the most amazing textbooks they’ve ever read. They can flip through a book by sliding their finger along thumbnail images of the pages. If they don’t know the definition of a word, one tap takes them to a glossary or dictionary. No longer limited to a single picture to illustrate the text, now students can flick through a gorgeous photo gallery or dive into an image with interactive captions. They can use a finger to rotate a 3D object to show a human brain from every angle, or have the answer spring to life in an interactive chapter review.